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Anonymous asked: "And this is why I dislike ignoring these three characters so often (weather in theories or fanfic, just urgh). ".....WHERE exactly are Tony's friends ignored? I have to disagree. At least not about Pepper or Rhodey, Happy maybe.

I’ve read enough fanfiction where this happened. I’m sorry, but I won’t go through them now just to proof it. If you read enough you may stumble upon some sooner or later. (Some start with explaining that there was some fight so Peppers gone, rhodey often isn’t mentioned at all, and so on, and I read often enough about pepper being only an annoying mostly hysterical women). It bugs me when i read something extremly long (exept AU stuff, that’s different of course) with that. But often authors choose that since they can’t use them in their storys or need it that way, and that’s fine. I don’t have to love everything ever written in the fandom..

Also i said I DISLIKE. It’s my opinion, you don’t have to share it :)

Also, I won’t point out said fanfictions in general- it’s mean towards the authors ( I wouldn’t like to be mentioned in connections with “I don’t like something, so here look, I mean those f.e.”)

 ”where exactly” sounds like my mum is scolding me , I felt a bit slanged at :D

If you’d like to discuss those things you can come off anon and we write a bit, so i can explain better? I dislike talking on anon.

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For Tony, the components of a “ good life ” are friends,
(…). Throughout his evolving journey as Iron Man, Tony’s friends, especially James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Pepper Potts, and Happy Hogan, have given him a sense of purpose and selfworth. They have suffered alongside Tony (…)and have rejoiced with him in his successes. Tony values the people who make his life meaningful.


And this is why I dislike ignoring these three characters so often (weather in theories or fanfic, just urgh). They are important, as FRIENDS at least. (shipping opinions aside).

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So, I am doing research for an academic work about Tony Stark / iron man, and stumbled upon an amazing book about him…

…but some of the chapter names just- I CAN’T CONENTRADE BECAUSE SOME ARE HILARIOUS-

Stealing Tony’s Stuff [in ™ AND © STARK INDUSTRIES by DANIEL P. MALLO]

"We’re Gonna Need Doctor Doom’s Time Cube for This…” [the chapter goes back to philosophors to mae a point, from Carsten Fogh Nielsens FLAWED HEROES AND COURAGEOUS VILLAINS]


…also: most of the “what if” examples to describe or compare  use other marvel characters…”Compare the situation to the Black widow doing this” and so on.

…also 2: I am reading serious science literature here, I can’t believe it.

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Dear Iron Man & marvel fans, I need help for my university project!

I am writing an important essay about Iron man. Since it will be an academic text I REALLY DO NEED sources. I can use the internet as secondary sources, but I need book sources to go along with it.

If ANYONE has an article, an essay or a book (even coloured lexikas about marvel characters, just SOMETHING I can use about Tony / Iron man OR definitions of superheroes!!!) I would be grateful for sharing!

This is really important and will be graded!

Thanks a lot <3

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It’s up!  And it’s beautiful!

Anthony Head accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Please help this cause by donating to www.alsa.org.


I have always adored his laugh.

He laughs like Muttley and I LOVE that laugh too! And now I can cross “See Anthony Stewart Head get drenched while wearing a suit” from my bucket list. Good times.

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