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"I’m gonna treat myself now that I finished this esay!"

*two days later* Damn, why am I always broke?”*looks at dvd shelf* Damn. [There was a sale okay? and jurassic park was only 10 bucks! I HAVE A PROBLEM!]

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Now that Uni is over and I have more freetime I WILL start my filmreviews (I created some sort of review system earlier) and post them here and there on this blog.

I will pick random films which are nt that famous, mostly with one or more of my favorite actors (Especially Robert Downey Jr., since i watched most of his by now).

If you don’t want to see these posts you can blacklist Film review.

[Also, I am actually qualified to do review sutff since í study this ^^)

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So I am watching this german movie with Moritz Bleibtreu and Danny Pudi (totally not because of Danny Pudi, what are you talking about) and it is not only way better than expected so far but 

God damn Danny Pudi looks nice in this suit. I mean like NICE.

PS. i wonder when i will get over his facial expressions, it’s just amazing.

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So basically I realized that I was unsure for a very good reason since most of my points in the fucking essay are shit.

I have absolutelxy no idea why I’m even studying this, I’m NOT good at it. 

And realizing how bad the content is one day bevore deadline basically sucks pretty hard.

I see myself crying tomorrow and not handing it in, seriously.