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Mundpropaganda: Gentlemen gegen Homophobie

Gentlemen against Homophobia campagne (X)

  • Ich finde es wahnsinnig wichtig, bei dieser Aktion mitzumachen, denn die Russen und vor allem auch Putin sollten sehen, was es bedeutet, in einer liberalen, demokratischen Gesellschaft aufzuwachsen.” -Kostja Ullmann
  • [“It’s absolutely important to take part in this campaign, because the russians and especially Putin shall see what it means to grow up in a liberal democratic society" -Kostja Ullmann]

1: Johannes Strate & Jakob Sinn (from the german band Revolverheld)

2/ 3:  Julius Brink & Jonas Reckermann (Beach volleyball players, Olympia winners 2012)

4: Ken Duken & Kostja Ullmann (actors)

For a Men’s magazine they stage-managed themselves with other heterosexual socialites [including Herbert Grönemeyer, August Diehl, Moses Pelham, Thomas D] as homosexual couples, aiming more tolerance. (…) The issue now very relevant for the athletes before the olympic games in Sotschi.

Article: (X)

Well done, GQ. Well known people from different areas supporting the movement in one of the most successfull man’s magazines. 

I think this will help to spread the word about the laws in russia, so people are more aware of the issue. And this consolidates our position towards this (at least I hope so).

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